I’ve been on vacation for about a week now, and my family and I have been playing lots of games. One of those games is Yahtzee—the classic roll-and-see-what-you-can-get dice game. My dad and I played three rounds of it tonight, and as we did, an interesting, post-worthy thought popped into my head: our life is a lot like a game of Yahtzee.

How many times have you rolled the dice (i.e. put yourself out into the world) and gotten results you were less-than-thrilled with? How many times have you desired, hoped, or prayed for a 6 but received a 1? We all have disappointments in our lives. We don’t win those contests we enter, get accepted into our dream college, or end up exactly where we thought we would in life.

Life throws us every “number” except the ones we’re striving for, and then when we get mixed numbers and are confronted with options, we give up on a Yahtzee (i.e. gift from God).

Can I give you some advice? Never give up on a Yahtzee. The alternative is Chance–the pit where all of your mistakes, failures, and unwanted numbers end up—the dungeon where sin lurks in the corner, just waiting to put you in shackles. Don’t settle for Chance when you could have a Yahtzee. Don’t run to the world in times of trouble when you could have God instead.

When you have never-ending faith in God, He will reward you with a Yahtzee. Heaven is the Yahtzee of all Yahtzees. It’s the place where five sixes are rolled every day. Your relentless faith WILL one day result in a Yahtzee if you never give up. You just have to keep rolling.