I Wrote A Song!

Hey guys, I wrote a song! I’m actually kinda proud of this, even though it doesn’t sound anything like what real artists are singing these days. I thought it would be easy to write a good song; turns out, it’s really not. I am definitely not a good singer or a musician, so unfortunately I can only give you the lyrics. But here it is anyways! I call it “Remind Me.” Enjoy 🙂

Verse 1:

When I find myself alone at night

When the darkness closes in

I try to find and cling to Your light

Yet still I tremble at the unknowns of life


Remind me Lord You’re always near

Remind me Lord I’ve nothing to fear

You are my Father, Friend, and Strength

Remind me of the victory that set me free

Remind me

Verse 2:

When I walk through the dark valley

When the enemy pulls me deeper

Meet me here and draw me near, God

Don’t let me lose the fight You already won for me

Verse 3:

When I stand on the verge of failure

When victory looks so far away

My faith is gone, my hope is lost

‘Til I remember my true home and story of the cross


No matter what comes

You are the Light that shines so bright

No matter the road

You are here and You make the way clear


Remind me, God

Remind me, Lord

Remind me, my Savior

You are here