Never Stop Seeking

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen God answer prayers; I’ve heard Him calling me into my future; I’ve felt His presence. I was feeling good about my spiritual “status,” but in truth, I was neglecting prayer. It was almost as if I expected God to be there without any effort on my part. I stopped seeking Him. I started looking at His miracles rather than at Him. I suddenly arrived at a high plateau and then wondered why I couldn’t feel God anymore.

But then I realized, I need Him now just as much as I did however many weeks or months or years ago. An answer to prayer from Him doesn’t mean I’ve been upgraded to anything more than I was. There aren’t spiritual ranks that we achieve that pardon us from worship and prayer. I realized that I had started to kick back and watch God work; I realized that I wasn’t seeking Him anymore.

So if you find yourself standing on the relationship plateau like I did, just remember that God still desires to hear from you.