Surrender Means Freedom

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” ~James 4:8a

This verse is so amazingly true. Obeying God 100% — fully surrendering your life — can be a hard thing to do. Drawing close to God and doing what He asks of you isn’t always easy. It sometimes requires humbling yourself and taking up your cross. But it’s so worth it, because the reward is hearing “Well done, my good and faithful servant” as you step into your eternal home.

As a child who grew up in church, I was often asked if I was willing to surrender whatever God asked of me. I always answered yes, but in actuality my answer has always been no. I wasn’t using my gifts for God’s glory. I wasn’t pursuing Him completely. I was half in and half out, standing on middle ground.

But one prayer changed it all. I asked God to do something that I honestly didn’t think could’ve been done, and He did it. From then on, His presence and guidance have been so obvious in my life, and He’s given me the strength to follow Him. It’s amazing what happens when you loosen your grip on life, take your hands off of everything, and give it to God. Fears disappear, worry and anxiety become a thing of the past, God draws near to you and comforts you every minute of every day.

He’s a personal and intimate God who longs to talk with you and be your All in All.

Simply being still in worship and calling out to God in prayer enables you to do what you thought you never could. God reveals Himself to you, shows you glimpses of your future, and helps you to see every trial in a positive way. A life of surrender is actually a life of freedom.