The Flip Side

Last night, I ended my journal entry with “see you on the flip side!” meaning that the next time I would ever write in that journal I would be different. I would be baptized. And now I’m on the flip side. Can I just tell you how awesome that feels?

I spent months wishing I had the strength to stand up and step out. I had to battle anxiety each and every day for way too long. But it’s all over now. I kept walking forward and now I can look back and laugh at how scared I was.

God asked me to trust Him and take a step of faith. He knew that everything was going to turn out all right, and He wanted me to believe Him. And I did–for the most part. God got me through the scariest thing I’ve ever done, although now it doesn’t seem all that scary because I’m on the flip side.

So here’s my point: God holds the future. The next time God asks you to take a step a faith, remember that God will never ask you to do something that’s bad for you. He sees the big picture, and He’s already on the flip side just waiting for you to join Him.