The Pursuit of Christ VS the Pursuit of Christianity

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! This just so happens to be my 50th post on CoCo’s Chitchat. So I guess you can say that I updated the site to celebrate 🙂 Anyway, I hope to start using this blog as my ministry…not just a place where I rant about my feelings or whatever. I want to use this to impact the Kingdom of God and bring people closer to Him. None of this is for my own glory, but for His alone. If you have been following my blog and reading my posts for any length of time,  thank you SO much and I hope you have been able to grow in your faith and be encouraged. If you are new to CoCo’s Chitchat, I would encourage you to check out the recently updated welcome/home page and look around. Feel free to share anything on here with your friends via social media (or any other means of communication). My parents do not allow social media so you will not find me on any of the platforms, but they have allowed this blog, and even though it’s not much, I want to use it to bring glory to God and spread the good news of the gospel. Thanks so much again for reading…let’s get to the main purpose of this post!

I did a YouVersion plan at the beginning of the year (2019) that was called “One Word That Will Change Your Life” or something along those lines. It talked about how instead of setting goals and making all kinds of resolutions, you should just choose one word to work towards or focus on for the year. Instead of all these things that I had to do or not do and probably would have failed at by February, I just have one word to keep me on track this year. I prayed for God to reveal what I should focus on this year and give me that word, and the word that he showed me was “Pursue.” He wanted me during 2019 to pursue Him. Pursue Him wholeheartedly, and Him only.

I recently discovered the YouTube channel TruthMeFree by Nathan Wheeler and have been binge watching his testimonial series. It is SO good and if you are not easily scared then I would recommend watching them (they discuss demons and a lot of spiritual stuff that really terrified the heck out of me…I stopped watching them at night because they were so creepy).

In the videos, he talked about how he had always heard from God. He had like this amazing way of communicating with God even as a 3 or 4 year old child, and when he was 4 he promised God that He was going to search out every monotheistic religion that exists and find the truth about God. He eventually became Buddhist, and then a Toltek Shaman (pardon my probably-incorrect spelling). He saw Jesus coming down out of his ceiling and had out-of-body experiences in the spiritual realm. It was CRAZY insane. He wanted to search out everything about God and find the meaning of life and just find the truth about the world.

Hearing him talk about his pursuit of God and truth reminded me of my commitment to pursue Him this year. The videos made me really want to study God and the Bible and find out more than I already know. They instilled the longing to listen to other podcasts and read commentaries and just really dive into Christianity. I wanted to learn about the spiritual realm. I wanted to be as close to God as Nathan Wheeler is. I wanted to experience things for myself.

But then I realized what I was doing: I was making my pursuit of God about me–about religion. I was pursuing Christianity instead of Christ. Yes, studying the Bible is a good thing. Yes, listening to podcasts and sermons is a good thing. Yes, learning more about God is a good thing. But when it becomes more about the knowledge than it does about God Himself, then there’s a problem. We are supposed to pursue God and Him alone, not the things of this world. Satan and His demons are real, and while we should know about them and know how to defend against them, we shouldn’t be pursuing them. That isn’t even Christianity. Just because they’re out there doesn’t mean we should mess with them.

So here’s what I’m trying to say: in everything that you do, seek God first. Don’t read the Bible because it’s a Christian thing to do; read the Bible so you can know God better and hear Him speak to you. Christianity shouldn’t be just another religion; it should be a lifestyle–a pursuit of Jesus Himself–a relationship with the Creator of the world.

Don’t pursue Christianity. Pursue Christ and Christ alone.

Thanks for reading and God bless y’all 🙂