Don’t Doubt God

One of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to faith is not believing that God really does answer prayer. I often feel that I should pray for an answer or for guidance, but then I think “How in the world is God going to answer that?” God has never spoken to me audibly before, and even if I think I know in my heart what He is trying to say, I’m always skeptical that I’m right. What if that thought is from the devil? What if it’s my flesh that’s telling me it’s the right choice? I don’t doubt that God has the ability to communicate to me in a clear manner, but I do doubt that He will or that it will be as clear as it needs to be for me to be 100% sure it’s of God. Because of this, I actually have found that I’m praying more reluctantly and less often.

But if God really needed to tell you something, don’t you think He would? He could easily use a person as an answer to prayer, or even something as simple as an email with your answer. He could use billboards if He wanted to. Even if you don’t see how He could possibly communicate the answer to you, just trust Him and pray anyway. As I have found out time and again, His ways and thoughts are higher than ours and He has things planned that we could never see coming! Don’t let your doubt keep you from praying.

Pray even when things look hopeless, and don’t doubt that God has an answer for you. It may not come right away, but have faith that it will come at the exact moment you need it. God is good like that!