A 2:00 AM Prayer for the World

Y’all. This Coronavirus thing is insane.

I have to be honest with you, when it first started, I was having fun finding all the ironies in it. But as soon as it started affecting my life, I was like, “oh man. This is real.” My second favorite week of the year–April church camp–was cancelled and it really stung my heart to know that I won’t be going this year. I was so stoked and then just like that… gone.

I was up late last night working on an editing project for my mom, and it was about 1:30 by the time I had finished. I wasn’t all that tired, but I sure was frustrated and sick of all the Coronavirus news reports. I decided to pray, and I had a mixture of pacing back and forth and getting on my knees just like I always do. I climbed into bed when I had finished, but I couldn’t rest. It was still on my mind. I don’t know for sure if it was a prompting from the Holy Spirit, but something told me I needed to record my prayer and I definitely wasn’t going to fall asleep until I did so. So about 2:00 in the morning, I took my phone down to the basement and recorded this for y’all. When you’re up at 2 am, you don’t always speak the most eloquently, but sometimes the rawest prayers are the most powerful.

I hope you join me in this National Day of Prayer and praise the Lord for His unchanging goodness. Even when there is chaos, there is peace! Remember to rejoice always, and God bless y’all ❤

In Christ now and always,

A 2:00 am Prayer for the World