The Battle is the Lord’s!!

Hey guys! How’s the quarantine going??

I decided to get out of the house today and go for a walk. I put some worship music on my headphones, and one song really caught my attention and got me thinking; it’s called See a Victory (originally by Elevation Worship, but covered by Caleb & Kelsey). Every battle we face–the coronavirus included–belongs to the Lord and because we as Christians are on His side, we’re going to see a victory no matter what!

As I was walking, God brought to my attention the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho. Joshua and the Israelites conquered the city in an unusual way….they walked around it for a week! I was planning on going to church camp/missions trip over spring break and evangelizing in the city, but with the gathering bans, the organization was forced to cancel. However, even if I’m not allowed inside the city, there’s absolutely nothing stopping me from walking “around” it! Either way, I’m going to see a victory.

I recorded this video during my walk earlier today to share what I plan to do during spring break instead of camp, and to remind y’all that the battle is the Lord’s. He’s got you in His strong, loving arms and He will not let you go no matter what. We’re gonna see a victory!

Thanks for watching! (BTW…I’m sorry I’m so out of breath during the video. And I probably said “like” about a hundred times XD)

In Christ now and always,
~CoCo ❤

The Battle is the Lord’s!