A Poem about Hope

Hey guys!! I hope y’alls quarantines are going well.

I had a school assignment yesterday to write a poem using the five senses, and I chose “hope” as my topic because we’re all in need of some hope right now (and because I have a friend who chose “hope” as her word for the year 😉). Today is Good Friday, and even though it’s called “good”  it can feel quite the opposite as we look around at our world right now. A lot of us are probably feeling like our plans and dreams are dead and in the grave.

Can I encourage you, Christian? Even if everything around us is falling apart, our hope remains firm. If your hope is in Christ (and I hope it is), then your hope cannot die! Jesus rose again on the third day and defeated death… He is alive forevermore and He is inviting you to step into His victory!!

He takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it for good. 

I hope you enjoy this poem and continue to reflect on the hope that we have because of the cross this Good Friday. Each and every one of you is so very loved by the King. ❤

In Christ now always,


Hope is golden.
It sounds like echoing “yes Lords” and “amens.”
It tastes like daily bread delivered by the ravens.
It smells like a reviving rain.
It looks like an empty grave.
It makes me feel strong.