What Apps Does a Christian Teen Girl Have on Her Phone?| I Tell You ALL My Apps!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hey guys! I have a fun post for you today–something different than I normally do. I decided to go through all of my apps and explain what I use them for. I have a ton, and I honestly don’t use them all, but here’s a complete list of the downloaded apps I have on my phone! (In case you’re wondering, I have an android phone so these all come from Google Play).

Let us begin!

  1. Add Text. I use this if I ever need more fonts than what YouVersion offers, or if I’m making something non-Bible verse related. Just a warning, I have a lot of photo editing apps XD
  2. S’moresUp. My family uses this to keep track of chores, although I rarely check it because I’m too busy to do chores and most of mine are ones I do every day anyway (like feed the pets).
  3. Cluster. I have this one so I can see the pictures that my penpal and her family post! I also post some of mine randomly for her to see, but not very often.
  4. Napster. I love Napster! My dad has a subscription and it’s the only thing I ever use to listen to music (besides YouTube).
  5. WordPress. The reason I have this one should be quite obvious–I have a WordPress blog so I use the app to check my stats and read my posts.
  6. Bitmoji. My best friend and I send Bitmojis to each other a lot.
  7. Goodreads. I do have a Goodreads account, although I’m only friends with my dad and grandpa. XD It’s helpful to record what books I’ve read though. The last three I have recorded are: Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson, The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson, and Live by Sadie Robertson. (wait a second… what’s up with all the “son”s??)
  8. Bible. Yes, I do have the YouVersion Bible app! And this one, no lie, is the app I use the most.
  9. Podbean. Back in September/October, I got into a kick of listening to podcasts while I worked. But I have since “quit” my volunteer job (so I don’t have 3 hours to just listen to what I want anymore) and to be honest, 9 times out of 10 I’d rather listen to music while I’m at work feeding horses. I don’t use this app much anymore, but I keep it around.
  10. OverDrive. From what I understand, this is exactly like Libby, just an older app. It’s what I use to read e-books (I’m currently reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis).

11. Hangouts Dialer. I used to have a Wi-Fi only phone and my number was a Google Voice number, so I had to have this app to make phone calls or text. I keep it around because some people still try to contact me using my old number, and it’s nice to still be notified when they do.

12. Zedge. This is where I download my ringtones from (my current one is the song “This is the Day the Lord Has Made”).

13. Image Crop. Like I said, lots of photo editing apps! I’m not sure why I have this one because I’m pretty sure I can crop in Google Photos, but it’s helpful if I ever need to crop something (which I do… a lot).

14. Polish. Another photo editing app.

15. RocketBook. My parents got me a RocketBook for Christmas, and it’s the best thing ever! I use the app to scan the pages so it can send them to my Google Drive.

16. Period Tracker. Enough said XD

17. InShot. I use this to stitch videos together, because my other editing app limits me to 5 minutes.

18. Spotify. I honestly never use Spotify, but I downloaded it because my church sends out links with the worship playlist.

19. VivaCut. This is what I use to edit my CoCo’s Clips videos!

20. RightNow Media. I have free access to this through my church, so I keep it around. I’ve listened to a few things on it, but I typically just use YouVersion.

21. Blue Light Filter. I have it set to turn on at 8:30 pm and turn off at 8:00 am. That way, I can be on my phone at night and not give myself a headache or mess with my sleep too much. It’s also super nice to be able to check my phone in the middle of the night and not blind myself! XD

22. YourHour. I installed this to try to reduce the time I spent on my phone, but the stats were too depressing so I just stopped checking. XD It says my addiction level is “obsessed….”

23. Abide. I got this because the audio player on YouVersion doesn’t always work for the meditations, but I honestly never use it.

24. Point Blur. You know, just in case I ever need to blur something out in my pictures.

25. Words with Friends. I used to play this with my parents sometimes, but I don’t really anymore.

26. Google Classroom. I participated in a writing workshop last semester, and they used Google Classroom as their platform. I really don’t need this one anymore.

27. QR Scanner. I downloaded this while I was sitting at the DMV waiting for my learner’s permit and needed to scan to see my place in line.

28. Very Fit Pro. This is the app that goes with the watch my parents got me for my birthday. I use it to track my runs (when I actually run XD).

29. Zoom. I’m sure everyone has this app right now! I’ve done sooo many Zoom calls during quarantine… church, youth group, American Heritage Girls, Honor Society, friends. I’m Zoomed out XD

30. Disney+. My dad signed us up for this at the start of quarantine, and I’ve watched a few movies on it.

31. Sling TV. This is what my family uses for TV. And the best part, I get to watch Duck Dynasty ON DEMAND!!

32. AZ Screen Recorder. In case I ever need to record my screen. I think I’ve used it for a CoCo’s Clips before (the one with the ukulele intro).

33. Messenger Kids. I’m not on Facebook, but my mom set up a kids account for me so I could still message people. I don’t really use it though.

34. Discord. My friends and I use this to chat about band stuff, and we did a voice call when we watched The Rise of Skywalker together.

35. Google Docs. This is how my friends and I have been co-writing songs during quarantine!

36. Insta Filters. I don’t have Instagram, but I love me some filters. XD

37. Skype. I don’t really use Skype since most of my calls have been through Zoom, but I downloaded it because I did use it for a call once.

38. OneDrive. My family uploads a lot of our pictures and documents to the Microsoft Cloud.

39. Marco Polo. Ok, I’ve been using this one literally every day to talk to my pen pal! It’s great because the video calls are one-sided and we can take our time saying what we need to say without feeling rushed. It greatly reduces the awkwardness for us introverts XD

40. Through the Word. Again, I got this one because the audio player on YouVersion doesn’t always work. I’m using it to listen to their audio guide for the book of Daniel.

41. Compassion. I just recently discovered that I can send letters to my family’s sponsor child online! I honestly never found the time to write hand-written letters before, but I hope to start now that I know I can do it online. And the app also offers daily prayer prompts so you can pray for your child! I thought that was so cool.

42. Final Countdown. I’m really impatient, so I set countdowns to let me know how much longer I have to wait XD. Since everything I was looking forward to has been canceled, the only one I have right now is for my 17th birthday (which is still 280 something days away).

43. Canon Camera Connect. I just bought a Canon camera, so I have the app to use with it.

44. Webinar. There was a free writing Webinar that looked interesting the other day, so I installed the app. Then I never watched the Webinar. XD

45. HP Smart. This app connects to our printer, and I need it to scan documents to send to my professors (I’m taking meteorology and stats online this summer).

46. Life 360. My dad just put this on my phone so he can track me when I go out by myself.

And the last one:

47. Accurate Barometer. I need this to collect data for my meteorology class.

And there you have it! Those are all the apps I have installed on my phone.

You probably noticed I don’t have any social media–that’s honestly not by my choice, those are my parents rules. But I am glad that they have protected me in that way. And it goes to show that it can be done!

Romans 12:2–Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

I’ll have some more devotional style posts out soon. See you next time guys!

In Christ now and always,