My Mid-Year Review: How’s Life Going in 2020?

Hey guys!!

Can you believe it’s July already?? That’s crazy insane. The last six months have been an epic blur of schoolwork, video calls, and trying to find my way in life.

Just like last year, I’m going to give y’all a life update and report how I’ve been doing on my resolutions now that we’re half-way through the year. As a reminder, my word for the year is “priority.” Sit tight, ’cause I have a feeling this is going to get long XD

First off, I celebrated my 16th birthday by getting my learner’s permit! I was lucky enough to make it to the DMV before the coronavirus craziness hit, so that was a huge blessing! (It was literally right before, like 2-3 days). I’ve been learning to drive since then and am doing pretty well if I do say so myself! I drove home from church this week, which was pretty cool šŸ™‚

Second, I finally completed my Dolley Madison Award with American Heritage Girls! It took a good bit of work and practically the entire school year, but I did it! The only thing that was affected by the virus was my recruitment activity, but my troop leader let me fulfill that requirement by recruiting people online, so it all worked out. God was faithful throughout the whole process and I know that He will continue to help me as I pursue my Stars & Stripes Award. *shivers*

Ok, now something that actually has to do with prioritizing! I completed my first 40-day prayer challenge with Mark Batterson’s book Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge. That was super awesome, and for 40 days of my life, I actually felt pretty put-together. It’s amazing what can happen when you start your day with God! I’ve sadly fallen away from getting up early to pray since the challenge ended, but I hope to change that! I’m renewing my commitment for another 40 days, starting today (July 1st)! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes šŸ˜‰

My last major life update is that I joined The Young Writer’s Workshop (YWW)–I’m officially a YDubber!! I couldn’t be happier to have such a great writing community, and even though it’s only been a month since I joined, it has helped me so much as a writer! It has helped me to see that if I’m going to be a serious writer, then I need to prioritize my writing and intentionally make time for it. Thanks to the inspiration and encouragement I’ve received in the YDubs community (and also from my penpal!), my blog is now on a schedule: I post once a week on Wednesdays rather than “whenever I feel like it.” The program has also given me the motivation to pick up my Christian fiction novel again (yes, it’s the same one I mentioned last summer, and the one that I tried to write during NaNoWriMo. I’m a bit slow, if you hadn’t noticed). I really do want to be a serious writer, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to grow as such. I’m on my way to prioritizing my writing!!

Also, within YWW, I just joined an accountability group! I’m so excited about that and hope to make significant progress on my goals.

All that said, I’m far from where I thought I would be this far into 2020. The coronavirus threw me off a bit because I haven’t been able to run at the rec center (although I’ve been trying to run outside instead) and the 5k I signed up for was cancelled. I had really hoped to get myself into a routine, but so far my sleep schedule is just as irregular as ever, I’m still incredibly out of shape, and if I’m being completely honest, my Bible reading and prayer time are suffering. It’s a good thing the year isn’t over yet! I say, excelsior!

So many things recently have prompted me to ask the question, “How am I spending my time?” I’ve realized that I spend an incredible amount of time doing nothing. I’m a procrastination queen.

I was reminded during a devotional with my penpal a couple weeks ago that doing nothing is different from resting. In order to rest and relax, we have to do things that fill us up, whether that be taking a nap, reading the Bible, praying, listening to worship music, or even just sitting in the silence. That’s what resting is, even if you feel unproductive. However, my time is more often than not spent scrolling through my phone to check for updates, thinking about work but never really doing it, and somehow getting nothing done despite all my good intentions.

Today is the start of a new month–of a new half. “Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13b-14)

The time to thrive is now, so I will continue to do my best to prioritize my life in a way that is productive and God-honoring. I know the majority of y’all are complete strangers, but I’d be appreciative of any prayers you’re willing to give. (And if you’re a fellow YDubber, maybe shoot me a PM to check in occasionally? šŸ˜‰ )

All right guys, that’s it for now. I guess that wasn’t too long šŸ˜‰ I’ll see you next week! ā¤

In Christ now and always,