Introducing the 3 Strands Band!

Hey guys! I have a special post today introducing the band my friends and I formed over quarantine 🙂 I’ve mentioned the story before, but here it is again in case you missed it!

I’ve been writing song lyrics for about a year and a half and more recently started posting them here on my blog. My good friend happened to stumble upon them, decided they should be put to music, and told me so. I had experimented a little bit on the ukulele before, but I didn’t really (and still don’t) know much about music. However, my friend thought we could give it a try just for fun and see how far we got. She offered her piano, and I could play my ukulele.

But we didn’t have a singer, and neither one of us were especially musically inclined. I threw it out there that I could ask our somewhat-mutual friend if she’d be willing to join us, and she said yes. We started messaging and making plans for video calls (this was in the heart of quarantine) and almost before we knew it we had a band. We decided on the name 3 Strands (in reference to Ecclesiastes 4:12), and decided to write songs about inviting God into our every day lives as teenagers. I’d say the rest is history, but we’re still making it XD

We recently created a YouTube channel for our songs, and the introduction video went up just a couple days ago! The “release date” of our songs is unknown as we’re still in the process of writing them, but I thought I’d get the word out so y’all could at least keep your eyes open. 😉

So without further ado…

I present to you…

On behalf of the 3 Strands….

This video.

God bless y’all! I’ll still be posting on Wednesday, as usual 😉

On behalf of the 3 Strands 😉